Generational High: Why Millennials Roll with It and Boomers Eat It Up

Here’s some data to chew on that question. We at Nugg make it super easy for people to order marijuana deliveries from their favorite local dispensaries. With over 40,000 customers ordering over $14 million in products from local dispensaries, we realized the power that our dataset holds to educate the public, inspire ideas, and simply reveal new facts around marijuana usages and preferences. In this multi-post series, we begin with a simple question: how do generations (think Boomers, GenX-ers, and Millennials) differ in their product preferences, consumption patterns and even psychology. Oh and here’s the generational cheat sheet:

Boomers: born 1946-1964
Generation X: 1965-1981
Millennials: 1982-2000
Generation Z: 2001+ (however, these characters are under 18 years of age, so we don’t have data on them)

Here we go.


Biggest Hitters


As an overview of Nugg users, Millennials comprise 72 percent of all marijuana sales, while Boomers clock at 6 percent. Are they buying same things? Exhibiting same behaviors? We’ll find out shortly, but first here is where Nugg users hail from:


Purchasing Power

This one is pretty logical. Boomers spend more than others per average order. They are willing to drop 18 percent more than Millennials and 11 percent more than GenX-ers. Perhaps this is because Boomers are older and have more money to spare. Or maybe that’s because they are not as tech savvy, so once they commit to ordering weed, they really don’t want to keep doing it, so they spend more per order.


Deal Junkies

Coupons! We all love them, but Millennials and GenX-ers use them nearly twice as often as Boomers. Is that because Boomers are more equipped to spend more (as we learned above) and don’t care about savings? Or maybe it’s because coupons appear in promotions on social media and Boomers don’t like clicking on ads? What are your ideas?


THC or CBD? Which Generation Stacks Higher?



CBD has all the medicinal properties. THC is how you get high. So is there a difference along generational lines for one experience over the other? CBD chart is in red while THC is in turquoise. Surprise! GenX-ers lead (albeit not significantly) in THC and CBD preferences. It’s likely due to chance and the kinds of strains/products that GenX-ers prefer over Millennials. Interestingly, Boomers do like their marijuana 7-10% less potent than GenX-ers. It’s true that in the hippie heydays weed was far less potent than today. So that vestige of preferring lighter strains is reflected here.


Edibles, Flowers, or Vape? Generational Divide


This wild, crazy chart unveils a neat discovery: Boomers kick Millennials butt in edibles by 8 percentage points. That’s right, they are more likely to go fo edibles, while Millennials lead in two categories: flowers and diversity of products. We also looked at data on population of Boomers vs Millennials and saw that there exists a super-Boomer group that’s driving the edible purchasing craze. As a percentage of all orders, Boomers order more edibles over other generations, but within Boomers these super-Boomers are really “set-stoned” on edibles.




Another wild chart. Main lesson here is that Boomers and GenX-ers prefer Indica over Millennials, but Millennials lead on Hybrid as compared to other populations. What’s more interesting is that for both GenX-ers and Millennials top 3 strands have about equal “preference”, whereas Boomers prefer Indica whooping 6 percentage points over Sativa, which is in second place.


Which Generation is More Experimental?


We asked ourselves a simple question: how many different product types are different generations experimenting with? This is not entirely surprising, but expect an average millennial to be 21% more likely to experiment with different types of products and strands than a Boomer would.


The High Velocity

We wanted to know with what frequency different generations submit orders relative to how long they’ve been an active customer. We found that as compared to Millennials (we took this generation as a baseline and measured others as a deviation from this baseline), GenX-ers just can’t stop ordering. They are fastest to smoke/eat up the first order and get back to Nugg to get the next shipment. However, Boomers exhibit different purchasing behavior. When they make an order, they are nearly 19 percent slower to return back for the next shipment.


Comeback Kids


Tracking with some earlier observations, Boomers are nearly half as likely to be repeat customers. That’s likely because they don’t consume as fast (or as much) as GenX-ers or Millennials, so hence there’s a lower repeat rate. Sooner or later they’ll come back… just give it time.


Who Packs It Best?

We know Millennials make more orders, so how many exactly per person? An average Millennial made 9 orders on Nugg, while average Boomer clocked at just over 6. That’s a 40 percent difference!

My Parents Still Use Desktop to Order Weed

We thought our parents were so hip when they ordered weed online through Nugg. But then we peaked into how they did it. Over half of Boomers used a Desktop. So we thought: “yep, getting my mom a laptop for her next birthday”. However, on a second look we learned that there’s no need to spend that much more (a thought counts, right?). Boomers also led the pack in Tablet usage. When it comes to devices, Boomers are both trailblazers and laggards, but we love them either way.


How Fast Can I Get It?



Among other facts, users do select one dispensary over another based on how fast they are at deliveries. The differences are not dramatic, but more Millennials elect dispensaries that can delivery within 15 minutes than Boomers do. So Boomers are a tad more lax on how fast they expect their order to appear at their doorstep.


Chill out. Be Happy.


Users rank their experience from 1 to 5. Overwhelmingly, rated satisfaction is 90 percent or above! Which is great to hear. On top of that, Boomers appear to be so chill and happy that they give their Nugg experience even more stars than slightly more critical Millennials do. But let’s be honest, it’s hard not to be satisfied.


High or Floored?


Some of us live in apartments, others, presumably, in homes. Turns out 7 percent of Millennials live in apartments, compared to 3 percent of Boomers. Kind of makes sense. The surprising part is not how few Boomers have apartments, but how many Millennials have a home. If you assume ownership (and not crashing in with parents), that 93 percent of home ownership is compared to the national average of 53 percent.



In conclusions, Millennials are most experimental, way more into flowers over edibles, have least purchasing power (but lead overall marketplace activity), want their deliveries fast (super fast), prefer Hybrid strain over other generations, and order using mobile 26 percentage points more often than Boomers. By the same token, Boomers are into edibles, spend upwards 18 percent more on orders than Millennials, don’t care about promo codes, prefer less potent CBD and THC content in their products, least experimental with various products, lead in Indica strain use, they take it slow and come back a bit less frequently for a refill, they mostly opt for desktops and tablets (unlike others who use smart phones), they don’t care to wait a bit for their order to arrive and are the most satisfied generation with their Nugg orders.


Stay tuned for more explorations, insights into medical conditions and how that relates to the kinds of marijuana products customers choose!