Compatible 3rd Party Plugins

The best drag-and-drop plugin, included with Bridge free of charge

Easily set up an online store and start selling your products today

The Timetable Responsive Schedule plugin comes free with Bridge

A great slider with mind-blowing effects. Included free with Bridge

You also get the powerful Revolution Slider plugin for free with Bridge

WPML compatibility ensures that you can create a multilingual website

Make beautiful contact forms thanks to Contact Form 7 compatibility

Amazing Slider Collection

Full screen, responsive, parallax, zoom animations, and more

A great slider with mind-blowing effects. Included free with Bridge

The Revolutions Slider plugin is included for free with Bridge

Create an impressive slider with cards in a masonry layout

A stunning slider that displays slides in a browser frame

Showcase your images in a variety of clean device frames

This awesome slider lets you show images in a desktop and mobile frame at the same time

Great for displaying images alongside text and a button in a highly stylized manner

Create captivating, vertically scrolling full screen sections

Create full screen sections with a mind-blowing split effect

Display your images as material style cards with this gallery

Show off your amazing client reviews and testimonials

Show off your images in a modern and smooth frame slider

Showcase your amazing projects in the flexible portfolio slider

Display your amazing clients in a beautiful carousel slider

Place any element into a slide using the smooth content slider shortcode

Basic Building Elements

Bridge provides you with so many awesome ways to showcase your images

Great for displaying ads and important information

Make sure your most essential information is noticed with beautiful info cards

Create up to 12 columns per row in a variety of layouts

The Bridge social buttons make sure your content can be easily shared across all social networks

Present all the amazing services your business offers

Choose from a variety of styles for each of your buttons

An interactive element for displaying interesting info

A beautifully styled element with lots of practical uses

Show off all the great things your customers have to say

A great way to display all of the amazing clients you have

Create a stylized list displaying your products and prices

A great way to display the right content at the right time

The best way to display any quoted text or information

One of the basic, but aesthetically essential, elements

The perfect way to showcase your pricing packages

Easily customize the look of each map and use custom pins

Make sure your website visitors always know what they should do next

Make sure everyone knows when your website or latest product will launch

Create a stylized box that displays important information

Showcase each of your products in detail and give your clients all the information they need

Creative Showcase Elements

Create full screen sections with a mind-blowing split effect

Easily create breath-taking sections with a parallax effect

Hover on each icon in this superb showcase to display a different text in the center

This awesome slider lets you show images in a desktop and mobile frame at the same time

Create captivating, vertically scrolling full screen sections

Display your twitter feed directly on your website and stay connected with your followers at all times

An awesome element for comparing the benefits of your pricing packages

Showcase your images in a variety of clean device frames

A stunning image showcase with a smooth content entry animation

Let your website visitors simply mark their favorite products, and the calculator shows the total price

A beautiful timeline-style element for showcasing your creative workflow or company history

Show off your awesome employees and team members

Display two images at once – one is shown initially and one appears on hover

Practical Infographic Elements

Create beautiful graphs with a legend and make your data presentations come alive

Create practical, beautiful, and fully customizable pie charts

Easily show off your skills, achievements, and so much more

Choose between horizontal and vertical progress bar layouts

Make your data more appealing and fun with icon progress bars

Make text pop out and focus the reader’s attention on key information

The best way to showcase your work process and creative techniques

Display your numerical data with a smooth counting animation

Create Your Online Shop

Bridge lets you fully customize the look of your WooCommerce product lists

All the information your clients need is displayed on Bridge’s single product pages

Add a sidebar to shop pages and fill it with featured products and useful links

Display your product images in their full beauty with the gallery shop layout

Create a captivating and unique shop using the beautiful tiled shop list layout

Sometimes the simplest option is the best, and with Bridge, simplicity is beautiful

Awesome Portfolio Layouts

Create a custom masonry layout for your portfolio projects

Choose a full width or grid layout for each portfolio list

Showcase your creative work in this modern pinterest layout

Choose a full width or grid layout for each portfolio list

The best layout for placing your images front and center

Customize each gallery to list to perfectly fit your needs

Display key information about each project below the image

As practical as the classic layout, but in a beautiful pinterest style

Showcase your favorite projects in this stunning slider layout

Bridge comes with a large collection of smooth, stylish, and creative hover animations

Beautiful Blog Elements

Bridge comes with an extensive collection of beautiful blog list layouts

Easily display a selection of your blog posts anywhere on your website

All the important information about each post is displayed in an info box

Let your post’s featured images take center stage with this Bridge blog slider

A beautiful, modern, and informative carousel layout displays multiple posts

Your blog post information is hidden until you hover on one of the visible posts

This beautiful layout lets you create an outstanding blog carousel section

Title Area Layouts

A simple, yet beautiful title layout with breadcrumbs in the title area

Enable a smooth and impressive parallax effect on the title image

An amazing effect makes the title image zoom out as the user scrolls

Make sure the title image is always fully visible on all screen sizes

Complete Video Integration

Easily embed videos from multiple platforms like YouTube or Vimeo

You can enable opening your videos in a beautiful pop-up lightbox

Create captivating sections that play videos in their background

The powerful full screen Qode Slider supports video playback

You can also add video slides to the Revolution Slider plugin

Impressive Typography Options

Bridge comes packed with the complete collection of Google web fonts

With Bridge, you have complete control over your website’s typography

Create visually stunning backgrounds with animated scrolling text

With Bridge, you get three comprehensive font icon packs to choose from

Tons of icon variations are possible with Bridge’s customization options

Check out Bridge’s large collection of distinct predefined icon styles

Create impressive typography sections and stylize them to your needs

Bridge is one of the bestselling themes on ThemeForest, with a collection of 210+ beautiful and easily importable demos for you to choose from.
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