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Your Backyard + Our Studio = Income

How it Works

1. We Get the Lay of the Land

The first step is to hear your ideas and to suggest income generating or lifestyle studio options for your specific backyard. We want your backyard to look better, greener, and be more functional than today. On top of that, we’ll be increasing the value of your property with one of our designer studios.

2. You Pick Your Studio

We’ll do the whole thing: market research, finding the right designer studio for your needs, zoning, permits, vendor relations, building and all legal paperwork. We work for you and want you to have either a lifestyle studio you’ve always dreamt of, or a great income generating property.

3. We Finance It: $0 Down, 0 Hassle

We ask you a few financial questions and instantly generate your personalized quote. Be assured that you’ll get 100% transparent, $0 down, 5% interest or lower loan options. The financing comes with a buyback option: if you decide you don’t want your studio anymore – we’ll try to buy it back from you!

4. You Generate Income

We will deliver and assemble your designer studio, insure it, get it serviced and warrantied. And if you choose to have your studio be rented, we can manage the whole rental bit for you. Depending on location, a rental might pay for your monthly mortgage and more! So you essentially get a free asset. It’s pretty cool.


100% Transparent, Personalized Financing
You can use your lifestyle studio for everything from creative work, to an in-law unit, to an art studio, to a rental.  Our fast online credit approval, combined with 100% transparent breakdown of costs personalized to you and your backyard is what makes this a partnership.
$0 Down + 0 Hassle = 100% Cool
All studios come with $0 down financing. If you choose to rent your studio, you may net $0 on your mortgage payments and even make a surplus, all while owning a valuable asset. We see your backyard as a way to a more secure future for you.
Studio Buyback Option
Changed your mind? Want to sell the studio separate from the house? Depending on your project, you can exit the mortgage agreement by selling the studio back to us on friendly terms.
Service Subscription
You can use your studio for creative work, as an in-law unit or a rental. If you choose, we can be your rental management company, do all repairs, insurance, security, and more.
100% Renewable Home
As an add-on to most of our studios, we provide off-the-grid and 100% solar energy upgrades. Make a perfect designer studio a regenerative investment.
One Portal – All Your Data
We are a 100% solution company: from designing your studio to managing monthly payments, to servicing your home. Our centralized online dashboard, payment gateway and notifications help you unleash your backyard’s full potential.


Best Natural Materials
Picture Perfect Design
Elevates Your Backyard
Complete with Utilities
Smart Home Dashboard
Efficient, Ready for What-eather
See why these homeowners love their backyard studios
By putting a studio in my backyard and renting it out, I'm getting tax breaks for helping city of Denver address affordable housing crisis
– David L
My backyard studio increased the value of my property, while also being an amazing office, reading, and guest space
– Stephanie J
Cities everywhere are passing laws to allow homeowners multi-dwelling zoning, which makes backyard units so attractive
– Thomas A
Do great things with your backyard